Can I compost coffee grounds?

Can I compost coffee grounds?

It’s no problem to add your coffee grounds into the Subpod as part of the mix with your other kitchen waste.  In fact, worms thrive on the nutrients still present in the spent grounds. 

If you are thinking of composting all the coffee grounds from a cafe, it will be good to include enough other food waste items to balance out the system.

A study that evaluated the impact of coffee grounds in 3 composting systems, one of which was vermiculture, found that adding plenty of dry carbon in the form of cardboard protected the worms by reducing the exposure to the organic compounds and chemicals released from the coffee grounds.  

Our recommendation is if you have cafe levels of coffee grounds to compost, that you dilute out the quantity by mixing in other food waste and plenty of dry carbon.  

Additionally, to keep your worms especially healthy, you can reduce the acidity of the coffee grounds by mixing in an alkaline waste like wood ash from a wood-fired pizza restaurant with ground up charcoal, either from fires, from a gardening shop sold as horticultural charcoal or ground-up charcoal sold as biochar.

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