Can I compost meat in Subpod?

Can I compost meat in Subpod?

It is possible to compost meat in your Subpod after 4 months.  Start composting with fruit and vegetables, and once your Subpod is strong, you will be able to slowly start adding meat to your Subpod.
We will be adding information to our Subpod Grow Hub (online Community Forum) which will explain in detail how to get your Subpod ready to compost meat.

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      Fresh grass clippings are similar in their makeup to food waste if we compare their carbon C, nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (Ph). Food waste averages 49.5% C, 3.8% N, and 0.51% Ph.   Fresh grass is 44.9% C, 3.4% N, 0.2% Ph These percentages are so ...
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