Can I move a Subpod and Grow Bed if I move house?

Can I move a Subpod and Grow Bed if I move house?

There are a few options to consider when thinking about moving a Subpod later.

  • When you move you can bring you Subpod with you and all the worms inside.  There may be a few worms left behind in the surrounding soil.

  • Some composting worms will move out of the Subpod into the bed, but the majority will stay in the Subpod if there is no food in the surrounding area.  If a few worms are left behind if the Subpod is moved, those worms will live on the natural surface leaf litter and decaying plant material.  

  • You can empty the worms into buckets so that they are easier to transport.  

  • The Subpod can be flat-packed, but you will probably have to clean anything that is in or around the Subpod.  You could potentially lift the Subpod out and wrap in a tarp, plastic etc, to stop anything falling out when you move.

  • You could transport the soil, you will have to look at how far you are moving, and if it is worth your time and effort.  More info about the amount of soil here:

  • The Grow Garden Bed can be taken apart with the tool that comes in the box :)

  • You could pre-order a Subpod now at the discounted price and install at your new location.

  • You could use the Subpod now, and leave it as a present for the next person.  Here are some instructions on how to leave your Subpod for long periods of time: