Can you compost horse manure in Subpods?

Can you compost horse manure in Subpods?

You can compost horse manure in Subpod but you need to make sure that the horses have not been treated with deworming agents as these will hurt or even kill the compost worms that try to consume the manure.  There could also be a risk of weed seeds being spread throughout your garden bed if the horse has eaten weeds and then passed through the digestive system.

Because horse manure is less nitrogen rich than cow manure, you can add horse manure without needing to add a lot of dry carbon.

If you are however adding cow manure, it would be best to let it dry out a bit before adding plenty of dry carbon.

Chicken manure is very high in nitrogen and can “burn” your Subpod system so it’s best to add just small amounts and add at least the same volume of dry carbon to match it.

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