How do you turn the compost?

How do you turn the compost?

To turn your compost we recommend that you use a compost aerator.

You can purchase this through our webshop or you can purchase at garden shops and hardware stores.

When you add your food scraps to Subpod you mix them through using an aerator.  This takes a few minutes per week.  Using the aerator helps to mix the food through the Subpod so that the worms and microbes can break them down more easily, as well as oxygenating the Subpod.  Oxygenating the Subpod means an aerobic environment, and reduction in smells.

Here’s a couple of videos of Peter using the aerator: 

The good thing about using the aerator compared to turning compost with a pitchfork is that it requires a lot less effort and time, even kids can get in there and give it a go!  

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