Subpods in schools

Subpods in schools

We believe that school gardens are important to support and we are offering interested schools potential discounts for purchasing large order of Subpods for their school.  We are also developing our Subpod Schools program and affiliate program, you can register your interest here:

Below is some more information.

Subpods come with a built-in beautiful and functional seat that can hold up to 200 kilograms, so they are perfect to integrate through school grounds wherever seating is needed in gardens.  They are also modular so many Subpods can fit together easily.

There are a couple of factors involved when deciding how many Subpods to install in your school.    

What is the size of your school's garden bed or space for installing Subpods?  
Do you know how much food waste you produce each week?
Would you like to purchase our garden beds, or install Subpods in your own garden bed?
  • When the Subpod is up and running at full capacity it will process 30 litres/7.9 gallons or 15 kg/34 pounds of food waste per week.    

  • Each Subpod has the dimensions: 750mm/29.5 inches L x 450mm/17.7 inches W x 430mm/17.7 inches H, including the lid

  • You can decide if you want more garden space surrounding your Subpods or more Subpods for processing waste.  

  • You can have the Subpods joined together or separated by soil depending on your growing space and growing needs.

If you don't have a garden bed you can order a Subpod Grow Bundle:
Our Subpod Grow Bed is the optimal size for small spaces which allows you to compost but also grow some fresh produce in your school.  They are 120cm long x 90cm wide x 45cm high.

Interested teachers, parents, and children can learn about Subpods through their school and then implement this in their home space. 

What a wonderful idea to bring composting home for the individual and divert waste from landfill and instead regenerate the soil in backyards or balcony gardens!  

Let's get 20,000 people composting by 2020!
20,000 Subpods will divert more than 10,000 tonnes of waste from landfill and produce more than 400 tonnes of fresh food per year.

We will have a range of resources available for our Subpodians, including how-to videos, online courses, events directory, Subpod Grow Hub; an online community forum where members from around the world can connect and discuss all things related to composting, worms, gardening, soil regeneration, Subpods and more!  

5 Subpods in bench seating in front of a bike shed at Habitat, Byron Bay

Get kids in touch with nature and growing their own food.

You can order Subpods and bundles directly through our webshop here:

Please email our dedicated school support if you have any further queries, or if you would like to make a large order of Subpods for your school. 

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