Shipping costs

Shipping costs

We have sourced the most cost-effective shipping prices for delivery.  The total package weight of the Subpod in the shipping box will be approximately 10.5 kg which includes the worm blanket.
The estimated size of the shipping box for the Subpod will be:
78 cm/30.70 inches x 18 cm/7.087 inches x 48 cm/18.9 inches

The Subpod Grow Garden Bed shipping box will be 10 kg approximately and 122 cm x 92 cm x 8 cm.

We are not making any profit on the shipping price, we are only charging what our courier is charging (we are actually subsiding the shipping at the moment so that we can get Subpods delivered to as many places as possible without our distribution warehouses in place around the world)    

I’m sorry if the price looks high, but this is the best we can do, and if you look at the dimensions and weight of the package you will find that it is actually quite a cheap shipping price.

We need your support through pre-orders to get our product out to the world.  Therefore, the price of the Subpod is reduced and we are also subsiding the shipping cost so that we can get our revolutionary new invention to as many people as possible around the world.

Thanks for your support and understanding.