What does the aerator do?

What does the aerator do?

The aerator helps to mix the waste through the Subpod so that it is processed faster by the worms and microbes.  It also helps to aerate the system so that it is an aerobic environment, which means a non-smelly composting system.

It is possible to purchase an aerator through a hardware store or nursery, or you can purchase them through our webshop.
Aerators can be purchased separately here:

Or in our Subpod Essentials Bundle:

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    • Can I use a pitchfork instead of an aerator?

      A pitchfork will work, however, the tines of the pitchfork will most likely scrape the plastic walls and floor of the Subpod, accelerating wear as the bedding is being turned.  We recommend that you use the Subpod Compost Aerator instead which is ...
    • What is the aerator made out of? How long will it last?

      The aerator is made from 303 stainless steel.  It will be quite corrosion resistant and should last at least as long as the Subpod.  The handle will be made of a safe,durable and recyclable plastic.
    • How do you turn the compost?

      To turn your compost we recommend that you use a compost aerator. You can purchase this through our webshop or you can purchase at garden shops and hardware stores.  https://subpod.com/collections/all/products/subpod-compost-aerator When you add your ...
    • Does Subpod need any maintenance?

      ​When you add your food scraps to Subpod you will need to mix them through using an aerator.  This takes a few minutes per week.  Using the aerator helps to mix the food through the Subpod so that the worms and microbes can break them down more ...
    • Can I compost tea bags in Subpod?

      Tea bags can be composted, but there are some things that you may like to take into consideration. the tea bag string can get caught in the aerator when you twist the aerator - not a problem, just a bit messy the label may not be compostable the ...