What is the Grow Bed made from/material? Has the steel been tested for lead?

What is the Grow Bed made from/material? Has the steel been tested for lead?

We have not had the zinc aluminium coating of the steel Grow Bed evaluated by a lab to certify that it is free of lead.  You can certainly use the Subpod with a wooden garden bed, or perhaps you can find a local steel garden bed that has been lab certified to be free of lead as a second option. 

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      The Subpod Grow Garden Bed is strong and stylish, made from high-quality steel with an anti-corrosion coating of aluminium and zinc for long life.  The expected life of this type of steel is at least 15 years.  It is 4 times stronger than galvanized ...
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      There are a few options to consider when thinking about moving a Subpod later. When you move you can bring you Subpod with you and all the worms inside.  There may be a few worms left behind in the surrounding soil. Some composting worms will move ...
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      The Grow Garden Bed has an open bottom that is suitable to sit on soil, sand, grass etc, anything where you don’t mind liquid run-off from your garden bed going. If you want to put your Subpod on a balcony, verandah or concrete, we recommend that you ...
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      We carefully researched the best place to make Subpods and centred on a state of the art, best practices facility in China for several reasons: We personally visited facilities we were considering, requiring that the work environment was safe and ...
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      The aerator is made from 303 stainless steel.  It will be quite corrosion resistant and should last at least as long as the Subpod.  The handle will be made of a safe,durable and recyclable plastic.