Why choose a Subpod? What makes a Subpod special? How does Subpod work?

Why choose a Subpod? What makes a Subpod special? How does Subpod work?

Subpod is a unique invention which combines worms and composting underground.  The Subpod has a series of holes throughout the box which allow the worms to move freely in and out.  This means the surrounding soil is aerated and nutrients delivered directly to the roots of the plants where they are needed most. 

Subpods will improve the condition of your soil  and plants through its unique design.  There is a symbiotic relationship between plant roots and the microorganisms that surround the plant roots.  It is a really fascinating co-relationship that we will be discussing more on the Subpod Grow Hub:

The Subpod has been rigorously tested over the past 8 years to allow for maximum efficiency of letting worms move freely in and out, while keeping unwanted pests out.

At the top of the Subpod, we have designed a special mesh which allows air to flow in and out while being strong enough to keep out large critters such as rats, possums and anything else living in your garden.  

The Subpod Airflow Panel is a key design factor in the Subpod.  It means that the compost is aerated easily which means an aerobic/oxygen rich environment.  This means no smelly compost heaps! 

Worm mobility is key for this product and is actually what makes Subpod more advantageous over conventional systems.  If something is added to the Subpod which the worms do not like, e.g. onions or chilies, the worms can move to the other side of the Subpod, or move out into the surrounding soil and move back into the Subpod when they like. 
Subpod is also an underground system, which means more stable temperatures all year-round.  Most worm farms are exposed to the elements and can easily die with temperature fluctuations.   

The Subpod is made from water and food safe plastic which has a minimum life of 10 years in the soil without any leaching or degradation.  

Another unique factor that makes the Subpod special is its unique interconnecting design that allows multiple modules to be added to cater for larger volumes of waste. The modular design, along with the bench seating aspect, makes it perfect for cafes and restaurants, as well as incorporating into your own garden.  The Subpod can be buried into the ground, or made into an above-ground garden bed which you can sit on and enjoy the fruits of your labour :)

The idea is mimicking nature where worms eat, roam, and spread nutrients.  Worms are not confined to the Subpod, but learn to return there for feeding.  As for getting full, it does not fill up as quickly as most systems because of the worm mobility, plus the worms and microbes are continuously eating.  This keeps the compost levels low inside the Subpod. We find that you end up only needing to empty the contents a couple of times per year, or more if you would like to distribute your compost and worm castings throughout your garden.

In most systems, because you are creating worm castings in a confined area, you need to take them out and apply them to your garden. This is a two-step process. For Subpod, it is just the one step of composting and the soil biology does the rest!  Of course, there are times when people will want to use worm castings in other areas of their garden, and we have designed the Subpod lid to allow for easy access to scoop out your worm castings.

Sometimes a video can do a way better job than all these words. This link goes through more of the details.  (Please note that the colour and design od Subpod has changed a little from when this video was produced).